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Code of Ethics

Ethical practice is a fundamental part of the sessions in the following key ways:

  • Autonomy: Our approach is fully client-centred. The client is in control of the coaching they receive, and can decline aspects of the coaching and exercises that are suggested. Our mission is to support clients’ healing and personal growth with love and compassion, working with Universal guidance in all aspects of the practice.

  • Beneficence: The practitioner will act in the best interests of the client at all times.

  • Justice: Clients are treated on an equal basis regardless of belief, culture, ethnicity, age above 18yrs, and sexual orientation.

  • Honesty: Truthfulness and integrity with clients, including being clear about the limits of what a session can offer.

  • Dignity: Provide sessions in a way that ensure the client’s comfort and privacy.

  • Confidentiality: Keep the client’s personal data safe in line with data protection legislation, and ensure confidentiality of case notes, unless permission is granted to share them by the client.

  • Quality of practice: We are committed to a baseline competency level for all practitioners. All practitioners are committed to on-going professional development training.

  • Communication is key: Advance information for clients about what the session entails; ensuring informed consent from clients, both written and verbal during the therapy process

  • Health and safety: Keeping client's safe in the therapy space.

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