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My coaching story

As a young person, I always thought I wanted to be an Engineer. When I was 19, I took a break from that intention to study massage therapy as I always found the human body fascinating. Learning massage helped me become more embodied, however, I found the short, superficial sessions day after day started to drain me. I got discouraged and went back to the safe road of engineering.

10 years later, my body had enough of me ignoring it in the world of engineering. I had been clinging to my work in an unhealthy way, lacking even the concept of boundaries and it finally made me crash into a proper burn-out.

I sometimes think of these years of my life as being asleep. I walked around the world like a zombie - for me to be able to feel anything, it needed to be extremely intense like 14hr dance marathons or hard friction sex.


It wasn't until I started to work with my inner child that I really began to wake up. I uncovered buried memories and traumas, learned how to feel them fully, and how to release them gradually. I also learned that I am strong enough to hold myself through it - it's great to have support and also important to learn to trust your own capacity. Understanding my feelings and beginning to live instead of just being alive started a chain reaction. It brought me face-to-face with everything that was buried inside of me. It was time to deal with all the shit I couldn't face before. What helped me most in this was learning meditation, tantra and re-connection with touch and sexuality.

I don't ever want another burnout, but I'm grateful for having had such a strong experience. It shook me up and caused me to question my truths and beliefs. The break I had to take as a result of my burnout gave me time to think, feel and breathe. It also gave me time to study different types of massage which included everything I was missing in my first massage training. I learned to work with energy, engage my intuition around people's trigger points, and I learned how to help and support people in deep healing.

About: About Me

"Connection is why we are here: it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives"

Brené Brown

Overtaking trauma

The tantric bodywork modality I trained in had a huge focus on active consent. Looking at my own history of consent and the lack thereof was a pathway to see how trauma can be stuck in the body and how we can release that.
It was a natural expansion and transition from tantric bodywork to sex and relationship coaching. In my work I found the need to help people process their emotions through talk and not just through bodywork. This made me realize the power of combining conversation with embodied exercises and went looking for a training that fit this description.
That is how I found                                 , which combines all of these aspects.
In my own journey as a student in Somatica © I learned tools that transformed all my relationships. I learned how multifaceted relationships can be.

Now, I want to help you in finding empowerment around past trauma, overcoming shame, knowing and sharing your boundaries, embracing and celebrating your sexuality, finding secure attachment, understanding your desires, and sharing emotions and touch vulnerably with those you love. Come experience all the freedom you can gain from these amazing tools and open yourself up to playfulness and love.

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