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What brings you comfort, joy in your body and into existence?

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The next level of personal development!

I'm Ami and I work as a dating and relationship coach who takes your personal development skills and translates them into your relationship with others, helping you deepen conscious relating and dive into intimacy!


Most personal development work that focuses on you as an individual teaches you some great tools on things like stress-reduction, emotional awareness, and self-regulation when trauma arises.


The challenge begins when you start relating to someone else. The deeper the love and attachment, the harder it is to implement these tools and the more anxiety and frustration may arise. This is why relationships are a great opportunity to deepen your work. Seeing what triggers you in your relationship can be the guiding light for new places to explore and grow. This is where I can help!

One of the most vulnerable things we can do is to have sex, yet we rarely talk about the sex in this context. I want to help you embrace your fullest, deepest most erotic being through sharing vulnerably about your desires and fully opening to connection with yourself and your potential partner.


Are you interested in taking your relationship to the next level? Are you ready to reveal who you really are and be true to your feelings and needs? You might be single and are looking for "the one" in the sea of potential partners or you might be in a relationship constellation that feels like something is lacking.
Regardless of where you are starting out, I will help you to get to know yourself and your body on a deeper level. You will understand your emotions and triggers and increase your capacity for compassion and understanding for both yourself and your (potential) partner. Also, you will get in touch with your sensuality and sexuality. I will help you build all of these skills so that you can have the most deeply fulfilling and sustainable relationships possible.


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Are you interested in learning more about how I can support you? Book a free 30 min zoom consultation below, no stings attached. 

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