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What are your fees?

My fees vary depending on the session, all prices can be found in the "Offerings"-tab. I also do special packages for multiple sessions that can be found in "Plans and pricing". 

What is coaching?

My coaching is based on the teachings of Somatica Institute
that uses vulnerability, mindfulness and compassion to improve your embodiment to reach deeper relationships with yourself and others, stand stronger in your self and your sexual expression.

Can I book an Intake Session?

Yes, you can book an intake session! Under the tab "Offerings" there is an online booking system where you can book your free intake session, called "Start here!". All consultations are on Zoom, read more on "How does an

Online session or in person?

I do coaching sessions both in person and online. However, bodywork sessions and workshops are only in person.

How does an online session work?

My online sessions uses Zoom to communicate, so make sure you have downloaded the app before the session, and that you use a computer or phone with a camera, and either headset or a mic and speakers. It is important that I both can see and hear you in the consultations and sessions.

What is couple coaching?

Couple coaching is for couples in all stages of their relationship to understand each other on a deeper level, too see your own and your partners patterns and to learns about your own and your partners inner world to understand their feelings, reactions and needs.

What is relationship check-up?

A relationship check-up are for couples that realises that relationships needs maintenance, just like cars and houses that are built on a foundation. Just as you service your car to make sure it will run smoothly for the next couple of months and catch potential issues early when they are easy and quick to repair, a relationship check-up is the same thing for our relationship.

What is intimacy coaching?

Intimacy coaching is about working through what might block you from the type of intimacy you are desiring. It can be everything from learning how to flirt and make the first move when dating, to how to dare to initiate sex or cuddles when your partner has rejected you for the last xx weeks/months/years. We also work with both your part of the story as well as your partners, to see the deeper reasons for your needs.

Who is sex coaching for?

Sex coaching is for everyone feeling like there should be more to sex than you are currently experiencing. It could be lack of pleasure, lack of connection, triggers, shame of asking for what you want with a partner, fear of rejection. It can also be that you have a good enough sex life and feel like life is too short for fine and good enough, that you want to know more and dive deeper. This is for both for you in a relationship with a partner/partners, or as a individual, regardless if you are in a relationship or not.

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