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Intimacy Intensive Program

Welcome to ​this third round of the Intimacy intensive Program!

If you are here, you have either found this page on my website, been recommended to this program by a friend or had a consultation with me. If you haven't had a consultation session with me, book a "Start here!" free consultation with me and see if this program is for you!

This program will be a 16 week deep dive into intimacy, connection and communication. You can join by yourself or with a partner.

The program starts on the 15th of October 2022.

I will make informative videos for most weeks themes that will give you a knowledge base, new insights and potentially twist your thinking so that we can dive right into the practical of implementing your new knowledge.​ There will be a few “rest weeks” where you will receive Bonus videos! I'm so excited about this!

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  • In the first 4 weeks we will dive into self connection. You will get tools, teachings and awareness of how to go from personal development to relationship development. This will give you an understanding of your own behaviors and the ability to have the scary conversations you might have avoided before, so you can show up with more empathy and less fear.


  • The second module we explore sexuality in self connection. What we know about sexuality is generally a mix of sex-ed from school taught by teachers not wanting to be there, porn and varied amount of experimentation. During this month we will shine some light on your desires so you can step into your truth and full sexual expression. 


  • The third module will break your ideas about what sex is and help guide you to your core desires. If you join with a partner, I will bring you together

  • If you are joining as an individual you will get to rewire old experiences and practice with these tools to feel comfortable with using them in the real world. 

  • The last module will be putting your new tools into practice and start to implement what you have learnt so you can let go of inhibitions and have more open, vulnerable and clear communication in all parts of your relationship.



In this program we will meet one-on-one for the first 8 weeks.


If you join with a partner, you will have coaching together for 6 out of 8 weeks. Starting with self work will help guiding you into connection much smother. When we come together to practice and implement what we have learned to create more intimacy, understanding and deeper connection.

If you join by yourself, we will deepen your ability to take your growth into the world and your relationships in the last 8 weeks and keep having one-on-one coaching.


If you have any questions during these weeks, I will be available to answer any of your questions over email. If something is highly triggering during the week from this content and within your relationship, I will be available for 15 min re-centering calls.


This is an intensive journey that will show you growth potential, increase your vocabulary to communicate clearer and insight in what you actually desire.


Sound great, right?! 

Payment plans of 4 installments are available á $599. Email me if you would like to pay in installments and we will set it up!

  • Individual

    Intimacy Intensive
    Valid for 6 months
    • 16 One-on-one sessions
    • Videos on different themes for each week
    • Over $400 saving compared to monthly payments
  • Couples

    Per person
    Valid for 6 months
    • 10 One-on one sessions
    • 6 Couple sessions
    • Videos on different themes for each week
    • Over $400 saving compared to monthly payments

"Connection is why we are here: it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives"

Brené Brown

Some deeper information and terms for the program:

There will be a limit of take on 3 couples and 2 individual clients within this program, so take your spot before it runs out! 
- We will start with a client consultation before our first session, so if you have found this page without having had a consultation with me, book a call below and  join in! 

- We will book in all 16 weeks of sessions straight away to make sure you are able to make the sessions.

- If you for some reason can't make it, you can rebook by yourself up to 24hrs in advance. If it's with less notice you will need to reach out and I will try and find another time but there might not be possible so keep the booked times sacred.

- It is one session per week, you can not accumulate sessions to use after the program ends. There will be weeks extra weeks this round with some flexibility. I will let you know all the dates in the welcome email.

- Couples get access to 10 One-on-one coaching's and 3 couple sessions, so you need to practice communication and book in three each, and tell the other person when the session is. 
- If me as a facilitator am sick or need to cancel for some reason, then we will rebook your session, either next week or extend the program.

- Payment plans are available, just send me a message and I'll set it up!