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Three approaches to intimacy coaching

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Intimacy coaching has three general approaches:

• Talk based coaching only

• Talk based and one directional touch, such as Sexological Bodywork

• Talk based and experimental coaching like the Somatica Method

I believe they all have a place and the ideal approach for you is based on your needs and desires.

Talk-based intimacy or sex coaching

In the talk-based coaching, you will be guided to explore your mental and emotional blockages, such as shame, fear, guilt, neediness and expectations. It could also include topics like sexuality, sexual identity, sexual orientation, dating, sexual abuse, sexual addiction and sex and aging. Through conversation, listening and guidance, talk-based coaching can help you set goals, release fears and emotions, and homework can be given to challenge you to get an actual change in your life.

One directional touch when coaching

This method is common in sexological bodywork and tantric bodywork. This type of work is great for learning to receive, starting to feel and understand your body, setting boundaries and asking for what you want. These are just some examples where this method is amazing. Having worked with tantric bodywork, I also know that there is a limitation of what you can learn as a client when the interaction is in only one direction. However it is a great start to learn about yourself and your own needs before diving into the experimental space of two way touch experience.

Experimental intimacy or sex coaching

Experimental intimacy coaching uses the tools in the talk-based intimacy coaching together with physical exercises to be experienced with your coach as a two-way interaction instead of it being homework to do by yourself without supervision. This is based on the same principle as it’s really hard, for example, to learn how to dance by reading a book, or realize how something feels without having experienced it. This method of somatic sex coaching engages the somatic nervous system and can help you deepen your understanding about yourself, your understanding of intimacy, sexuality and how to reprogram them on a deeper level.

To learn more about how I can help you with Somatic Intimacy Coaching for individuals or in relationships read more on my website or take a leap and book a 30 min free Zoom call here to know how we can work together.

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